BBQ Flavors You Can't Get Anywhere Else

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Got a craving for flavorful, fall-off-the-bone BBQ? At Rolling Smoked BBQ, we use only the finest, premium meats and fresh ingredients. Our sides and sauces are all made in-house and unlike anything else you'd tried in El Paso. This is Southern-style smoked BBQ at its best.

Some of our popular favorites include:
Baby back ribs
Smoked chicken
Flank and beef ribs
Smoked ribeye
Cornbread and collard greens

And let's not forget our massive 2.5-lb tomahawk steak smoked to absolute perfection. View our complete menu below for pickup or catering services.


Smoked Chicken


Comes with 1 leg and I thigh + corn bread and can come in 6 different options / (smoked , bbq , double dipped , Buffalo , spicy lemon pepper )

Smoked 12 oz Ribeye Steak


Smoked ribeye steak topped with signature seasonings and a touch of garlic butter + cornbread

Smoked Baby Back Ribs


Baby back rib served in a single order of 5 bones or a full rack then smothered In our signature (house bbq sauce or double dipped sauce )+ cornbread

Smoked Flanken Beef Ribs


Smoked beef ribs with signature seasonings and smothered in either our (house bbq I double dipped )

2.5 lb Tomahawk Ribeye (THE BEAST)


Prime ribeye smoked to perfection. Topped with signature seasonings and topped with garlic butter for a melted glaze topping.

Comes with 2 sides and 2 drinks +2 cornbread

3/5 Pc Tender

$7.50 -$10.00

Hand tossed tenders in signature breading and can come in any flavor we offer + cornbread.

(smoked or fried )

$7.00 - $13.75

Seasoned and either fried or smoked and can come in any flavor we offer .
6 or 12 pieces available after that it goes in increments of 6.

1/4 Pound Smoked Beef Hot Dog


Comes with one side and one soda +corn bread. Can add cheese for .75 cents

Tequila Lime Chicken


Smoked chicken breast with signature seasonings tossed in butter and served with corn bread.


Beef Sirloin Cheeseburger


Smoked beef sirloin patty with cheese, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, and a special option of double dipped sauce *customer favorite* +.75 cents Extra patty $3.75. + Cajun French fries

Chicken Sandwich


Fresh seasoned and breaded chicken breast with lettuce and pickles and can add cheese as on option for $1.00 extra .

Sandwich can come in any flavor we offer + Cajun fries


Mac and Cheese


Collard Greens


Potato Salad


Baked Beans


Cajun French Fries

(REGULAR $2.25 | LARGE $5.00)

Smoked Fries


Our Cajun Fries topped with our double dipped sauce, light ranch and smoked chicken.

Corn Bread






Dr Pepper


Ginger Ale




Gold Peak Sweet Tea


Snapple (Kiwi, Apple, Mango)


Arizona (Watermelon, Mango, Fruit Punch)



Double Dipped
Lemon Pepper
Spicy Lemon Pepper

All meats come with a cornbread.

Burgers and sandwiches come with fries.

Sides are additional unless mentioned in description.