Born to BBQ

Learn more about our local owner and operator

BBQ is rarely something you stumble upon as a hobby - it's a passion that lasts a lifetime. Malik, our business owner and operator, started at a young age by cooking alongside his family in El Paso. Starting at the age of 12, Malik developed his passion for grilling through experimenting and trial and error. After years of perfecting recipes, he was encouraged by friends and family to start a business. Only after an injury cut his promising football career short, he turn his passion into a career. He combined his father's Southern-style BBQ and his mother's Mexican cooking influences to create our unique flavors at Rolling Smoked BBQ.

We're honored to have loyal customers lining up at our food truck every day, and hope to eventually open our own restaurant in the city over the coming years.

But enough about us - let's talk about the food

At the heart of Rolling Smoked BBQ are our original family recipes, just with a special twist. Combining traditional Southern-smoked BBQ techniques with our own unique spices and sauces creates a whole new experience. Most of our sauces are ketchup-based, borrowing influences from BBQ styles throughout the country.

Hungry yet? We thought so. Visit our food truck in El Paso today for in-person ordering or call ahead for pickup.